Sweep our Soot at your service

Sweep Our Soot offers all the chimney sweep services you’ll need to keep your fires operating efficiently and safely. You will always get a professionally completed job which is carried out safely and cleanly.

Insurance requirements

It’s increasingly common for Insurance companies to mandate a requirement for their policy that your fire or stove is swept once every year. That’s why, at the end of every sweep, you’ll receive a certificate of sweeping. This allows you to provide any documentation needed with respect to your policy.

Stove Refurbishment

If your wood burning or multi fuel burning stove need some tender loving care then I can carry out a full refurbishment of your stove taking it back to its former glory as to when it was first fitted. This includes replacing old door ropes, cracked glass and broken fire bricks.

Please contact me to arrange for a visit and I will give you a comprehensive no obligation quote for the repairs.

chimney sweep essex

Chimneys & Flues

I want everyone in Essex to enjoy their fires and stoves safely and your soot is my pleasure. For your chimneys & flues, I offer

  • Full inspection and diagnostics
  • Sweeping, of course!
  • Smoke tests

If an inspection reveals a problem, I will be happy to help and fix it.

chimney sweep essex

Safety advice & Guidance

I’m always happy to provide general advice around the safety of your fire, wood and multi fuel stoves and will perform safety checks on chimney pots and cowells.

chimney sweep essex


My CCTV equipment is a highly specialised small camera designed to allow complete visibility of your chimney and flue. It’s used for visual inspections, checking the condition of liners and for assessing damage after a chimney fire. It will detect blockages caused by birds nests and other items. I can produce video evidence for insurance claims if required.